AB 3230 CA 20172018

Name D Albert Y. Muratsuchi


Green chemistry: consumer products.


Existing law provides for the regulation of hazardous waste and materials by the Department of Toxic Substances Control and specified local agencies. Existing law requires the department to adopt regulations to establish a process to identify and prioritize chemicals or chemical ingredients in consumer products that may be considered as being chemicals of concern, and to adopt regulations that establish a process for evaluating chemicals of concern in consumer products, and their potential alternatives, to determine how best to limit exposure or to reduce the level of hazard posed by a chemical of concern, as specified. This bill would make legislative findings and declarations to, among other things, encourage the department to work with the Legislature in its oversight capacity as the department identifies and analyzes consumer products that may contain hazardous chemicals and to initiate rulemaking actions for consumer products found to contain hazardous chemicals, as appropriate.

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