SB 704 NC 2019

Name R Harry Coolidge Brown
Name R Kathryn Elizabeth Gray Harrington
Name B. Jackson
Name J. Alexander
Name T. Alexander
Name R Deanna Marie Ballard
Name R Philip Edward Berger Sr.
Name D Daniel Terry Blue Jr.
Name R Danny Earl Britt Jr.
Name R Robert P. Bryan III
Name R James Andrew Burgin
Name D Jay Jyoti Chaudhuri
Name Clark
Name R Warren Todd Daniel
Name D. Davis
Name J. Davis
Name D Kirk Joseph deViere
Name R Charles Marion Edwards
Name D Milton Frederick Fitch Jr.
Name R Carl Lindsey Ford
Name D Valerie Jean Paige Foushee
Name R Johnny Edward Gallimore
Name D Michael Kennedy Garrett
Name R Richard Wallace Gunn Jr.
Name R Ralph Edward Hise Jr.
Name R Richard Paul Horner
Name Johnson
Name R Joyce Riley Krawiec
Name D Paul Arthur Lowe Jr.
Name D Natasha Rath Marcus
Name R Thomas Moses McInnis
Name R Paul Robert Newton
Name R James Allen Perry
Name D Harold William Peterson Jr.
Name Rabon
Name D Gladys A. Robinson
Name R Norman Wesley Sanderson Jr.
Name R Victoria Burgess Sawyer
Name D Samuel Lee Searcy
Name Smith
Name R Robert Charles Steinburg Sr.
Name R Jerry W. Tillman
Name D Joyce D. Waddell
Name R Wilfred Andrew Wells Jr.
Name D James Michael Woodard
Name D Natalie Shapelle Murdock
Name J. Jackson
Name D Mujtaba Aziz Mateen Mohammed


COVID-19 Recovery Act .

Bill Text

Bill Activity

  • Signed Signed by Gov. 5/4/2020

  • Ch. SL 2020-3

  • Reptd Fav Com Substitute

  • Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)

  • Added to Calendar

  • Passed 2nd Reading

  • Passed Passed 3rd Reading

  • Special Message Sent To Senate

  • Special Message Received For Concurrence in H Com Sub

  • Ref To Com On Appropriations/Base Budget

  • Reptd Fav To Concur

  • Placed on Today's Calendar

  • Concurred In H Com Sub

  • Ordered Enrolled

  • Ratified

  • Pres. To Gov. 5/2/2020

  • Amend Adopted A5

  • Amend Adopted A6

  • Amend Adopted A7

  • Amendment Withdrawn A2

  • Passed 2nd Reading

  • Passed Passed 3rd Reading

  • Engrossed

  • Placed on Today's Calendar

  • Amend Adopted A1

  • Amend Adopted A3

  • Amend Adopted A4

  • Reptd Fav Com Substitute

  • Com Substitute Adopted

  • Passed 1st Reading

  • Ref To Com On Appropriations/Base Budget

  • Special Message Sent To House

  • Special Message Received From Senate

  • Passed 1st Reading

  • Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

  • Filed


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