HB 337 UT 2021

Name R Steven Eliason
Name R F. Ann Millner


Child Mental Health Amendments

Bill Text

Bill Activity

  • Signed Governor Signed

  • to Governor

  • received enrolled bill from Printing

  • enrolled bill to Printing

  • Enrolled Bill Returned to House or Senate

  • Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared

  • Bill Received from House for Enrolling

  • to House

  • signed by President/returned to House

  • Passed passed 2nd & 3rd readings/suspension

  • uncircled

  • 2nd & 3rd readings/suspension

  • circled

  • 2nd reading

  • signed by Speaker/sent for enrolling

  • received from Senate

  • placed on 2nd Reading Calendar

  • committee report favorable

  • Senate Comm - Favorable Recommendation

  • to Senate Education Committee

  • to Senate

  • Passed passed 3rd reading

  • 3rd reading

  • 1st reading (Introduced)

  • received from House

  • 2nd reading

  • committee report favorable

  • House Comm - Favorable Recommendation

  • to House Health and Human Services Committee

  • received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst

  • fiscal note publicly available

  • fiscal note sent to sponsor

  • 1st reading (Introduced)

  • received bill from Legislative Research

  • bill sent to agencies for fiscal input

  • Numbered Bill Publicly Distributed

  • Bill Numbered but not Distributed

Hearings on this Bill

  • Senate Education Committee
  • House Health and Human Services Committee


lower chamber:
House Comm - Favorable Recommendation
lower chamber:
passed 3rd reading
lower chamber:
Senate Comm - Favorable Recommendation