HF 1511 MN 2021-2022

Name D Jessica Hanson
Name D Samantha Vang
Name D Tina Liebling
Name D Alice Hausman
Name D Connie Bernardy
Name D Frank D. Hornstein
Name D Heather Keeler
Name D Robert Ecklund
Name D Luke Frederick
Name D Emma Greenman
Name D Michelle Christensen
Name D Liz Boldon
Name D Hodan Hassan


Cannabis Management Board established; advisory councils established; cannabis use and sales report required; adult cannabis use and possession legalized and limited; cannabis business licensing, inspection, and regulation provided; cannabis and product testing and labelling required; criminal penalties amended; various policies modified; and money appropriated.

Bill Text

Bill Activity

  • Author added Hassan

  • Introduction and first reading, referred to Commerce Finance and Policy

Hearings on this Bill

  • Human Services Finance and Policy


No votes recorded on HF 1511.