Mental Health and Substance Abuse


Mental Health and Substance Abuse; Authorizing emergency contact information to be released to certain entities; revising the conditions under which a patient’s communication with persons outside of a receiving facility may be restricted; requiring a receiving facility to notify specified emergency contacts of individuals who are being involuntarily held for examination; requiring receiving facilities to document that an option to authorize the release of specified information has been provided, within a specified timeframe, to individuals admitted on a voluntary basis; requiring that reports issued by law enforcement officers when delivering a person to a receiving facility contain certain information related to emergency contacts, etc.

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  • Chapter No. 2022-36

  • Signed Approved by Governor

  • Signed by Officers and presented to Governor

  • Ordered enrolled

  • Passed CS passed; YEAS 117, NAYS 0

  • Read 3rd time

  • Added to Third Reading Calendar

  • Placed on 3rd reading

  • Read 2nd time

  • Bill referred to House Calendar

  • 1st Reading (Committee Substitute 2)

  • Bill added to Special Order Calendar (3/7/2022)

  • Passed CS passed; YEAS 38 NAYS 0

  • Read 3rd time

  • Read 2nd time

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  • Placed on Special Order Calendar, 03/03/22

  • CS/CS by Appropriations read 1st time

  • Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading

  • Pending reference review -under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)

  • CS/CS by- Appropriations; YEAS 19 NAYS 0

  • On Committee agenda-- Appropriations, 02/24/22, 9:00 am, 412 Knott Building

  • Now in Appropriations

  • Subcommittee Recommendation: CS/CS by Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services; YEAS 11 NAYS 0

  • On Committee agenda-- Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, 02/16/22, 10:00 am, 412 Knott Building

  • CS by Children, Families, and Elder Affairs read 1st time

  • Now in Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

  • Pending reference review under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)

  • CS by Children, Families, and Elder Affairs; YEAS 8 NAYS 0

  • On Committee agenda-- Children, Families, and Elder Affairs, 01/25/22, 10:00 am, 37 Senate Building

  • Introduced

  • Referred to Children, Families, and Elder Affairs; Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services; Appropriations

  • Filed


upper chamber:
Favorable with Committee Substitute
upper chamber:
Favorable with Committee Substitute
lower chamber:
Passage, Third Reading


D Ramon Jermaine Alexander
R Samuel Garrison
R Jenna Dianne Persons-Mulicka
R Vance Arthur Aloupis Jr.
D Joseph Scott Geller
R Scott Plakon
R Thirrel Altman
R Michael Giallombardo
R Rene Plasencia
R Robert Alexander Andrade III
D Joy M. Goff-Marcil
D Michele K. Rayner-Goolsby
D Kristen Arrington
D Michael A. Gottlieb
R Paul M. Renner
R Bryan Avila
R Erin Grall
R Alejandro Rizo Jr.
R Webster Barnaby
R Michael J. Grant
R Spencer Roach
D Robin Bartleman
R Tommy Eugene Gregory
D Felicia Simone Robinson
R Melony Mincey Bell
D Michael Christopher Grieco
R William Cloud Robinson Jr.
R Michael Paul Beltran
R Brett Thomas Hage
D Christopher Benjamin
R Joseph B. Harding
R Robert G. Rommel
R J. David Borrero
D Dianne Hart
R Rick Roth
R Adam Botana
R Fred Hawkins Jr.
R Anthony Frank Sabatini
R Robert Charles Brannan III
D Yvonne Hayes Hinson
D Kamia Latasha Brown
D Christine Maria Hunschofsky
R Jason S. Shoaf
R James Vernon Buchanan
R Blaise Ingoglia
D David Ryan Silvers
R Colleen Burton
D Evan Boyd Jenne
R Tyler Isaac Sirois
R Demi Busatta Cabrera
D Dotie Joseph
D Kelly A. Skidmore
D James Bush III
R Sam H. Killebrew
D Emily Ann Slosberg-King
R Cord Byrd
R Traci Koster
D Carlos Guillermo Smith
D Daryl Campbell
R Chip LaMarca
R David A. Smith
R Michael Allen Caruso
R Christopher John Latvala
R John Snyder
D Joseph A. Casello
D Andrew Phillips Learned
R Christopher Sprowls
D Kevin Dykemia Chambliss
R Thomas James Leek
R Cyndi Stevenson
R Linda J. Chaney
R Randall Scott Maggard
D Allison Tant
R Charles Wesley Clemons Sr.
R Thomas Patterson Maney
D Geraldine Fortenberry Thompson
D Dan Daley
R Amber Lynn Mariano
R Jackeline Toledo
D Tracie Davis
R Ralph E. Massullo Jr.
R Josie Tomkow
D Benjamin Frank Diamond
R Stanley E. McClain Jr.
R Dana Lee Trabulsy
R Nick DiCeglie
R Lawrence McClure
R Keith L. Truenow
R David Bradley Drake
D Travaris Leon McCurdy
D Fentrice DeNell Driskell
R Fiona Fuller McFarland
R Kaylee Alexis Tuck
R Wyman Russo Duggan
R Lauren Uhlich Melo
D Susan L. Valdes
D Nicholas Xavier Duran
R James Vernon Mooney Jr.
D Matthew Willhite
D Anna V. Eskamani
D Daisy Morales
D Patricia Hawkins-Williams
R Thomas P. Fabricio
D Angela Nixon
R Jayer Williamson
R Juan Alfonso Fernandez-Barquin
D Anika Tene Omphroy
D Marie Paule Woodson
R Elizabeth Anne Fetterhoff
R Tobin Rogers Overdorf
R Clay Yarborough
R Randall Adam Fine
R Robert Bruce Payne
R Ardian Zika
R Jason Michael Fischer
R Daniel Anthony Perez