SB 89 WV 2023

Name D Michael Andrew Woelfel
Name R Amy Nichole Grady
Name R Jack David Woodrum
Name R William David Hamilton
Name R Patricia Puertas Rucker
Name D Robert Hugh Plymale


Requiring hospitals to staff qualified personnel to perform sexual assault forensic exams

Bill Text

Bill Activity

  • Chapter 275, Acts, Regular Session, 2023

  • Signed Approved by Governor 3/1/2023 - House Journal

  • Signed Approved by Governor 3/1/2023

  • To Governor 2/23/2023 - House Journal

  • To Governor 2/23/2023

  • Completed legislative action

  • Communicated to House

  • Senate concurred in House amendments and passed bill (Roll No. 219)

  • House Message received

  • House received Senate message

  • Communicated to Senate

  • Title amendment adopted (Voice vote)

  • Passed Passed House (Roll No. 182)

  • Read 3rd time

  • On 3rd reading, Special Calendar

  • On 2nd reading, Special Calendar

  • Committee amendment adopted (Voice vote)

  • Read 2nd time

  • Placed at foot of bills on second reading

  • Read 1st time

  • On 1st reading, Special Calendar

  • With amendment, do pass

  • To House Health and Human Resources

  • To Health and Human Resources

  • Introduced in House

  • Ordered to House

  • Passed Passed Senate (Roll No. 61)

  • Read 3rd time

  • On 3rd reading

  • On 2nd reading

  • Read 2nd time

  • Read 1st time

  • On 1st reading

  • Committee substitute reported

  • Introduced in Senate

  • To Health and Human Resources

  • Filed for introduction

Hearings on this Bill

  • House Committee on Health and Human Resources
  • Senate Health and Human Resources Committee