HB 1771 TX 88

Name R Walter T. Price IV
Name D Senfronia Calpernia Thompson
Name R Ryan Guillen
Name R Tom Oliverson
Name R Jacey Jetton
Name R Lois W. Kolkhorst


Relating to rules regarding the provision by a health professional of a telemedicine medical service, teledentistry dental service, or telehealth service.

Bill Text

Bill Activity

  • House appoints conferees-reported

  • House requests conference committee-reported

  • House refuses to concur-reported

  • House appoints conferees

  • House requests conference committee

  • House refuses to concur in Senate amendments

  • Senate Amendments Analysis distributed

  • Senate Amendments distributed

  • Senate passage as amended reported

  • Passed Passed

  • Read 3rd time

  • Record vote

  • Three day rule suspended

  • Vote recorded in Journal

  • Read 2nd time & passed to 3rd reading

  • Laid before the Senate

  • Placed on intent calendar

  • Placed on local & uncontested calendar

  • Committee report printed and distributed

  • Recommended for local & uncontested calendar

  • Reported favorably as substituted

  • Vote taken in committee

  • Considered in public hearing

  • Scheduled for public hearing on . . .

  • Left pending in committee

  • Considered in public hearing

  • Referred to Health & Human Services

  • Read first time

  • Received from the House

  • Reported engrossed

  • Record vote

  • Passed Passed

  • Read 3rd time

  • Nonrecord vote recorded in Journal

  • Passed to engrossment

  • Read 2nd time

  • Placed on Local, Consent, and Res. Calendar

  • Considered in Local & Consent Calendars

  • Comm. report sent to Local & Consent Calendar

  • Committee report distributed

  • Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator

  • Reported favorably as substituted

  • Recommended to be sent to Local & Consent

  • Committee substitute considered in committee

  • Considered in public hearing

  • Left pending in committee

  • Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee

  • Considered in public hearing

  • Referred to Public Health

  • Read first time

  • Filed

Hearings on this Bill

  • Health & Human Services
  • Public Health


No votes recorded on HB 1771.