HB 1537 PA 2015-2016

Name D Matthew D Bradford
Name D Thomas R Caltagirone
Name D Jay Costa
Name D Ed Gainey
Name D Marc J Gergely
Name D C. Adam Harris
Name R Susan C Helm
Name R Hill, Kristin
Name Harold James
Name R Mark K Keller
Name D William C Kortz II
Name R David R Millard
Name Ron Miller
Name Dennis M O'Brien
Name R Bernie O'Neill
Name D Eddie Day Pashinski
Name D Mark Rozzi
Name D Schweyer, Peter
Name R R. Lee James
Name D Miller, Dan L.
Name D Adam Ravenstahl
Name D R. Ted Harhai
Name R Frank A Farry
Name R Thomas H Killion
Name D Daniel T. McNeill
Name D Daniel L. Miller
Name R Thomas P Murt
Name D Michael H. O'Brien
Name R Justin J. Simmons
Name R Katharine M Watson
Name R Rosemary M Brown
Name D Peter J Daley
Name D Tina M Davis
Name D Steven J Santarsiero
Name D Sid Michaels Kavulich


An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in riot, disorderly conduct and related offenses, providing for prohibiting the import, sale, purchase, barter or possession of ivory or rhinoceros horn.

Bill Text

Bill Activity

  • Re-referred to JUDICIARY

  • Reported with request to re-refer to JUDICIARY

  • Re-referred to GAME AND FISHERIES

  • Reported with request to re-refer to GAME AND FISHERIES

  • PN 2504 Referred to CONSUMER AFFAIRS


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