Regulations Filed with the Secretary of State - Emergency

Issue 43-Z
Volume 2022
Published October 28, 2022
Rule Type
Emergency Rule
Issuing Body
Division of Workers' Compensation

Notice Text

Division of Workers' Compensation File # 2022-1010-03 QME Regulations in Response to COVID-19 In this emergency action, the Division of Worker's Compensation (DWC) re-adopts an emergency regulation regarding medical-legal evaluations in response to continued COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the continued spread of Covid-19, the DWC adopts this emergency regulation, which is similar to section 46.2. This emergency regulation allows Qualified Medical Evaluators (QME), Agreed Medical Evaluators (AME), or other medical-legal evaluations to be performed via telehealth. Title 08 Adopt: 46.3 Filed 10/18/2022 Effective 10/18/2022 Agency Contact: Nicole L. Richardson (510) 286-0656