Flame Retardant Legislation 2017

Bill Number Title Sponsor Last Action
Bill:HB 27
Title:An Act relating to chemicals that are of high concern for children and to the manufacture and sale of products containing certain flame retardant chemicals; relating...
Sponsor:Geran Tarr
Last Action:01/18/2017
Bill:HB 53
Title:An Act relating to flame retardants and to the manufacture, distribution, and sale of products containing flame retardants; and providing for an effective date.
Sponsor:Harriet Drummond
Last Action:01/18/2017
Bill:S 539
Title:An Act promoting continuity of care for multiple sclerosis treatment
Sponsor:Cynthia Stone Creem
Last Action:07/12/2017
Bill:HB 206
Title:Public Health - Child Care Products Containing Flame-Retardant Chemicals - Prohibition
Sponsor:Angela Angel
Last Action:01/25/2017
Bill:LD 182
Title:An Act To Protect Firefighters By Establishing A Prohibition On The Sale And Distribution Of New Upholstered Furniture Containing Certain Flame-Retardant Chemicals
Last Action:08/02/2017
Bill:SB 2816
Title:Flame-retardant chemicals; prohibit children's products or upholstered residential furniture containing certain amounts of.
Last Action:01/31/2017
New York
Bill:S 36
Title:Enacts the "New York state healthy and green procurement act"
Sponsor:Brad Hoylman
Last Action:01/04/2017
Bill:S 742
Title:Prohibits the use of chemical flame retardants on residential upholstered furniture
Sponsor:Patty Ritchie
Last Action:01/04/2017
Bill:HB 1861
Title:Product safety; flame retardants; regulations; fund; civil penalty.
Sponsor:Alfonso H. Lopez
Last Action:02/07/2017